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31 March 2006

The Black Road by guede_mazaka

by music2084
Once upon a time, Harry Potter was killed and Voldemort won the war. Things went from bad to worse, and strangely enough, this was even true for those that had supported Voldemort. Nothing in the world was as it should have been.

14 March 2006

Ring Around the Merry by aelfgifu

by music2084
Merry holds the ringbearer captive for the salvation of the Shire. (Sequel: The Redemption of Meriadoc(WIP))

04 March 2006

The Face of the Sun by Nildrohain

by music2084
Legolas and Haldir meet for the first time, and an infatuation develops—but on whose part? A story of agape with neither party knowing where to draw the line until it is too late.

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