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Kasumi Shintō-ryū Kenjutsu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by Takwann
Kasumi Shintō-ryū Kenjutsu (霞神道流剣術?), or (Shintō-ryū Kenjutsu), is one of the names used to describe the collection of sword-versus-sword training-forms (kata) for the long and short sword found exclusively in the Japanese martial arts system Shintō Musō-ryū (SMR).[1] The system comprises 12 standing forms, 8 of which are for the longsword (Odachi) and 4 with the short sword (kodachi).



by Takwann
This section includes, * An Introduction to SMR Jodo Training * Links to the SMR Training Curriculum * A list of key principles common in Martial Arts training * Just when you thought you learned it all (An introduction to Oyogumite and Henka-waza

YouTube - Jodo Jojutsu 1/5

by Takwann
Jodo Jojutsu Zen Nihon Renmei Shinto Muso Ryu

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