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August 2009


by ycc2106
Real time search. Monitors the update streams of news sites, popular blogs and social media, so we can show you results as they happen.

Supercook: recipe search by ingredients you have at home

by ycc2106 & 3 others
recipe search engine that finds recipes you can make with only the ingredients you have at home

An Ingredient based Recipe Search Engine - Recipe Puppy

by ycc2106
Recipe Puppy is an ingredient based recipe search engine. Enter your ingredients above or try an example search:

3DFilter - Search hundreds of thousands of 3d models and textures

by ycc2106
Search hundreds of thousands of 3d models and textures # Cadyou # Google 3D Warehouse # Form Fonts Exchange # The 3D Studio # Fallingpixel # 3D Xtras # 3D02 # 3D Export # Polantis # 3dvia # Cadyou Textures # Stock.xchng # The 3D Studio Textures # Texture Spot # Texturez # Dreamstime

The Summarizer

by ycc2106
Know what you’re talking about. If the “real-time web” is a massive cocktail party conversation, then The Summarizer is the party’s authority. It semantically connects the real-time web and traditional media to one another with their common threads, entities and topics. The Summarizer is currently in Alpha, so please let us know your suggestions by clicking on the Feedback tab to the left.

July 2009

fefoo search

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Using commands you can target any of the 40 categories or 250 search engines from the search bar. You can also view the complete list of commands here. You can also use the commands on the homepage or from the search box on your browser. Commands work best when used from the search box of your browser. To add it to your browser follow these instructions. To use a command : (colon) is used. To search for images use the following command. This will search for "images" of clouds. This way you can end up targeting any of the 40 categories supported by fefoo. :images clouds

Free People Search by ZabaSearch!

by ycc2106 & 7 others
Free People Search and Public Information Search Engine

itpints beta - home

by ycc2106
real-time web search engine.

June 2009

Find that File - Audio search, video search, ZIP search, Bittorrent and more

by ycc2106 & 1 other
All Audio Video Bittorrent Compressed files Documents Fonts Installable Software (Linux, Mac, Win) System Components (DLL/OCX)


by ycc2106
Slug is a clone of the community-based website YubNub. Slug is smaller and faster, and sophisticated users may install it on their own websites.

by ycc2106
Knowledge Based (Semantic) Search

VisualSeeker - Yahoo!ラボ

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Yahoo! labs japan - search similar or draw

Blind Search

by ycc2106 & 3 others
Interesting: The goal of this site is simple, we want to see what happens when you remove the branding from search engines. How differently will you perceive the results? then compare and vote

Status Search: Search your friends social status updates

by ycc2106
Status Search allows you to search your Facebook and twitter friends to find relevant content. Use it to search anything you would prefer searching in your friends rather than on the web: book, vacation, beer, party, job and much more.

Tagomatic - We Recommend

by ycc2106
Tagomatic is an index of Music, Movies, Books, and Websites that is void of genres. Everything is indexed by what it is similar to. The community can tag any item as being similar to any other item to create a more useful index of entertainment media.

Find similar websites - Tagomatic

by ycc2106
A Community-based Recommendation Website

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