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by ycc2106
How it works In today's modern Internet, search engines have full control over the web, they can make sites be the center of attention or make them disappear altogether in a flash. A web site that is not referenced by Google, Yahoo or MSN is virtually nonexistent to the average user

Lookpicking – A Personal Server-Based Search Box

by ycc2106
delicious for search engines. They are on a server, and you can easily browse and use them from a Firefox add-on with an autocomplete search field.

3DFilter - Search hundreds of thousands of 3d models and textures

by ycc2106
Search hundreds of thousands of 3d models and textures # Cadyou # Google 3D Warehouse # Form Fonts Exchange # The 3D Studio # Fallingpixel # 3D Xtras # 3D02 # 3D Export # Polantis # 3dvia # Cadyou Textures # Stock.xchng # The 3D Studio Textures # Texture Spot # Texturez # Dreamstime

The Summarizer

by ycc2106
Know what you’re talking about. If the “real-time web” is a massive cocktail party conversation, then The Summarizer is the party’s authority. It semantically connects the real-time web and traditional media to one another with their common threads, entities and topics. The Summarizer is currently in Alpha, so please let us know your suggestions by clicking on the Feedback tab to the left.

Search-22 - FTP Search Engines

by ycc2106
meta ftp file mp3 searchengine

Scour - Search Socially

by ycc2106
Search socially and get the most from your favorite search engine!



by digital & 2 others (via)
Meta Search Engine - Search the web and the Invisible web with 1,000 specifics search engines.

AddALL book search and price comparison

by ycc2106 & 18 others
meta book search. new, used and rare book searches


Yurnet - The Search Anything, Everything Page! (-)

by ycc2106 & 2 others
YurNet uses it's metasearch technology to search the Internet's top search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, MSN, WiseNut, Altavista, ODP and a whole lot more.


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