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September 2007

Christian Fauré » Blog Archive » Bataille rangée autour des interfaces d’accès

by parmentierf
Autour de ce que l’on pourrait nommer de manière générique les interfaces riches il y a profusion d’acronymes : Silverlight, Apollo, WPF, WPF/e, FLEX, AIR, JavaFX, GWT, SWING, etc.

August 2007

March 2007

Web and Flo

by cbas
Web Based Workflow Software as a Service Provider

February 2007

The Power of Software

by longhorn2000
"Customers, stakeholders, and other departments notice as agents provide faster and better answers, close cases, and convert problems to repeat business. All this comes from access to knowledge that always existed but couldn’t be retrieved, and the empowerment to forward newly processed data to other agents – as in cases moving from support to sales with satisfied customers interested in additional offerings. Software liberates or enslaves. We like the kind we create (the liberating kind)."

December 2006

October 2006

September 2006


by jackiege

June 2006

Snipshot:在线图片编辑 - 息乐园

by jackiege

Itzle - Hive 7 Meets Chatsum - Mashable*

by jackiege
And if the major marketing channels for social applications are through blog widgets and MySpace pages, then these browser add-ins will have a tough time gaining visibility. These tools only become useful (and profitable) if they can achieve critical mass - I think that’s going to be an uphill struggle.

EditGrid:在线电子表格 - by HUNG

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