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22 March 2007 15:00

Push Mobile Media

by dclemons, 1 comment
Push Mobile Media™ is focused on providing content for mobile devices, including the BlackBerry®, Pocket PC®, PalmOne®, Treo®, Windows Mobile® Smart Phones and Java based phones. The differential is rich mobile media such as video of live local news broadcasts of news and local cable programs directly to the mobi. Each PushVDO™ Channel is a custom designed channel with video content and ad insertions based on the local geographic space where the viewers live and know the advertisers, even local non- national advertisers are excited about the possibility of reaching the mobile audience. "The mobile space is experiencing significant growth and the new mobile phones that allow for rich media is a great opportunity", said David Clemons founder of Push Mobile Media. , “Push has found a new market at the local level which means every city with a local TV station can be our customers. Additionally, corporate education and communication are on the rise as the work force goes mobile and working from home. Push is focused in two areas: The Enterprise: Push Mobile Media services allow mobile users to access corporate video data, training and archived information. Entertainment: Push Mobile Media which makes it possible for users to access and view real-time live TV and on-demand video, news and music content on their handheld devices.

25 January 2007 18:00

PUSHmobilemedia® - Brands - Marks - Copyrights and TM

by dclemons
Branding Document PUSHmobilemedia® is a global mobile media company, specializing in delivering “rich mobile media” solutions to the publishing industry. ....for the MOBILE RACE( TM) PushMobi™ is a baseline tool that allows the publisher full rights to produce as much or as little content as they see fit for their mobile subscribers. The data or mobile magazine is stored at the hosting services named, a secure data center based on industry partnerships of GoDaddy and Akamai. MobileAgent™ Based on the open source code project – MobileAgent™, we detect the user’s mobile phone unit and bandwidth prior to sending the desired file. PushVDO™ a more advanced publishing service such as video, the ultimate rich media pushed to mobile phones. Owned by

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