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February 2007


by irols & 32 others
PODZINGER unleashes the content within audio and video. To find the podcast you want, don't just search for it ... ZING IT! New! Share your favorite video with PodZinger ZingLinks. Learn More... | Pass It On

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With Zune™ you can share a variety of audio files.[1] Not only can you share songs you purchased or downloaded via the Zune Marketplace, but you can also share your own recordings, too. Share the school lecture you recorded, your homemade music tracks, or your weekly podcast.

PlayFab Mobile Cast

by irols
PlayFab est une société de service de balladodiffusion créée en 2006. PlayFab, agrège, et diffuse les podcasts audio et vidéo du web à partir de sa plateforme convergente web/mobile.

April 2006

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