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Contextly - Build Your Audience

by gregg
Build Your Audience -via- Awesome Content Recommendations With Contextly, publishers can add recommended content widgets at the end of their posts, and there are additional tools for adding links and sidebars. Singel said the technology looks at a number of different factors — including tags, links, and “semantic similarities” — to figure out which other articles to recommend. It combines all of those approaches, tests out different “weighting” systems, and goes with the combination that’s most effective. (Singel noted that articles can attract different types of readers over time, so the strategy can also change.)


The Turning Gate - Photographers Plugins and Resources

by rmaltete (via)
plug-ins lightroom pour créer un website depuis LR


Forget Me Not

by rmaltete & 1 other
When I use Safari, I like to keep a lot of tabs open; but when I close Safari, it forgets what I had open. Consequently, I wrote ForgetMeNot—a SIMBL plugin for Safari which saves the URLs you were visiting when Safari quits, and reloads those same websites for you when you start Safari again.


iSync Plugin for Sony Ericsson W880i phones

by rmaltete (via)
iSync Plugin for Sony Ericsson W880i phones running in Apple Mac OS X For users of the Sony Ericsson W880i mobile phone, this is a plugin that allows Mac OS X to add your new mobile device to Apple's iSync application - the application that manages your contacts, and synchronises your diary entries in iCal.


Juice - The intelligent discovery engine from Linkool Labs (Now available as Firefox plugin)

by gregg & 1 other
Juice is an intelligent discovery engine that integrates seamlessly with your browser. Highlight and move a chunk of text, and Juice directly delivers a set of rich, relevant content to you.

Xobni: Email organization, search, and navigation for your Outlook inbox

by gregg & 4 others
Drowning in Email? Find People, Email & Attachments Instantly: Xobni is the Outlook plug-in that helps you organize your flooded inbox.

Sharpfolio: Wordpress Portfolio Theme

by rmaltete & 2 others
Sharpfolio is a WordPress theme designed to enable Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Motion Designers, Artists or any creative professional to showcase their work in a simple, clean, beautiful portfolio. Sharpfolio aims to focus primarily on your work, because after all, this is what’s most important.

ColorZilla :: Modules pour Firefox

by julien.c & 2 others
extension pour firefox indispensable a celui qui fait du web. Permet de trouver une couleur, une coordonnée ou une balise sur une page web.

7 outils contre le spam pour wordpress

by julien.c & 1 other
1、Akismet 2、Bad Behavior 3、 4、Simple CAPTCHA 5、Simple Trackback Validation 6、Spam Karma 2 7、WP Spam Hitman

PicLens | Immersive Slideshows Across the Web

by gregg & 6 others
PicLens instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen slideshow experience. PicLens makes photos come to life via a cinematic presentation that goes beyond the confines of the traditional browser window. With PicLens, browsing and viewing images on the web will never be the same again.



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