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How Partnership Marketing Works :: Receptional internet marketing

by bluexmass
Your partners can introduce your product or service to their audience and when they link to your site or contact you directly, the lead is tracked through to sale – live – so your partner can see exactly what traffic they are sending you and how well

'Project Runway' Bows Fashion Search

by bluexmass
BRAVO TV WILL LAUNCH A fashion-focused microsite for its show "Project Runway" that allows visitors to search for apparel. Much of the editorial content for the site is provided by, the online presence for Elle magazine, but featured items will a


by wrijneveld
phil buttler's site about mission partnerships


Nokia - Nokia Lifeblog

by Sheino
Nokia has joined forces with the blog gurus at Six Apart so you can easily upload your Lifeblog items (images, videos, messages, and notes) to your TypePad blog account.

Biomega teams up with Puma to design fold-up bike

by Sheino
The Puma Bike will be produced in limited quantities, available in May 2005.

Everything TypePad!: Add Your Amazon Wish List to Your TypePad Weblog

by Sheino
How to make a selection of items from your Wish List appear in the sidebar of your weblog

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