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17 June 2006

On Intelligence - Welcome

by YukuanMark
Welcome to, the companion Web site for the book On Intelligence. If you liked the book, want to learn more about the book or want to discuss the book with others, this web resource is for you.

16 June 2006

Numenta, Inc.

by YukuanMark & 1 other
Numenta is developing a new type of computer memory system modeled after the human neocortex. The applications of this technology are broad and can be applied to solve problems in computer vision, artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning. Th

Memory-prediction framework

by YukuanMark
The memory-prediction framework is a theory of brain function that was created by Jeff Hawkins and described in his book On Intelligence. This theory concerns the role of the hippocampus, neocortex, and the thalamus in matching sensory inputs to stored me

Theoretical Neuroscience - RedwoodCenter

by YukuanMark
It is often said that "neuroscience is data-rich yet theory-poor." Our aim is to supply useful algorithms and theoretical ideas to neuroscience in order * to provide new forms of analysis for neural data (spike trains, EEG, MRI), * to provide theories and

15 June 2006

創智慧(On Intelligence)

by YukuanMark

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