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December 2010

Discogs | Database and Marketplace for Music on Vinyl, CD, Cassette, MP3 and More

by garret & 24 others (via)
"Similar to RateYourMusic, except Discogs caters more towards DJs, with an incredible database of music, especially club and other electronic music. I've got an account there, under the same name." [SwimTwoBirds]

November 2010

September 2009

The FADER | Magazine Website | Music News, Mp3's, Podcast for each issue

by garret & 1 other
"The FADER, or FADER, is an United States-based music/culture/fashion magazine that covers hip-hop, reggae, independent rock, pop and dance music from around the world. Founded by Rob Stone and Jon Cohen in 1998, The FADER is a freestanding, independent New York City-based magazine." Wikipedia

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