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November 2006

La FAQ d' ABFH et d' ABFHM

by jlesage
a French site with links to excellent animation, lots in 3D

Electronic Literature Organization - Directory

by jlesage
good source for hypertext, kinetic poetry, search by author or type

Teaching resources links

by jlesage
a wide variety of intriguing paths to follow, listed alphabetically; a interesting way to set up a links page, although I prefer annotations


by jlesage
wide ranging litblog with many interests, images, and links; includes interests in film, music and visual culture

Gender Identity Panel - Resources

by jlesage
links to many interesting online hypertext, visually innovative works; some links no longer functional

October 2006

Self Publishing Blog: 101 Resources for Self Published Writers

by jlesage
tips for creative folks looking for story ideas, fiction or non fiction; links to many sites that stimulate writing

Jahn: Homepage

by jlesage
major figure in narrative theory has much work available online

Cinema=Jean-Luc Godard=Cinema

by jlesage & 1 other
site with many links to online essays about Godard

MRQE - Movie Review Query Engine

by jlesage
search engine for Internet film and DVD reviews

Types of Stories for the Telling

by jlesage
useful for writers and teachers; screenwriters will find a lot of basic story types to exploit

Tech Head Stories

by jlesage
big list of links for many aspects of digital storytelling; regularly updated

September 2006

MiT4 abstracts and papaers

by jlesage
conference at MIT in 05 on the work of stories

August 2006


by jlesage
originator of avant-garde blogathon, Aug. 2, 2006; good links on left to other film blogs; Aug. 2 entry has links to bloggers who responded to call.

July 2006

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