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01 January 1970 01:00

PigPogPDA - PigPog Creativity Wiki

by maitrewong & 1 other
was finding GTD a bit much for various reasons, but didn`t want to stop entirely - I needed to be Doing GTD Without Doing GTD. This is the system I came up with in the end. It`s simpler than GTD, and wouldn`t scale to the sort of level that GTD will, but it works pretty well for me, so it seems reasonable to think it might work well for other people too.

The Moleskine Multi-Tab Hack

by maitrewong & 1 other
The Moleskine Multi-Tab Hack<br /> <br /> I’ve been experimenting a bit with the excellent Moleskine hack suggested by Jerry Brito for adding Getting Things Done tabs to the notebook.

Moleskine GTD tabs hack

by maitrewong & 1 other
I thought I`d share my own little Moleskine hack. Basically what I do is tab my pocket Moleskine to fit the Getting Things Done system.

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