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22 September 2006

US Citizens - Are you ready to export yourself?

by Mal Burns
A short piece and link at Op Ed for Amerikan citizens considering their exit strategies. Could be taken as a pinch or salt or in all seriousness - depending on your level of paranoia. It does raise some interesting points.

21 September 2006

Hugo Chavez - In his own words

by Mal Burns
An intruiging submission to Op Ed by Hugo Chavez himself. Maybe other leaders should take note and learn to address us in their own words.

16 September 2006

Yet another blog

by Mal Burns
I've also just opened an account with Bolt for images and videos. All the news will be in this blog.

14 September 2006

Will "Permissive" society become one of "Permissions"?

by Mal Burns
The permissive society is being slowly eroded and replaced by one of permissions. Meanwhile, only the media perpetuate the myth for our distraction.

Art by Michael Dickinson

by Mal Burns
This is the new site for Micheal Dickinson's montages and other work.

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