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July 2007

Nude art - Pin Up Artistic Nude Drawing

by chernobylnews & 1 other
Nude art - Pin Up Artistic Nude Drawing artists who paint "pin-up". The main field of these artists is art (oil painting, acrylic, watercolor). However, their soul is so glamour, that they can not stay aside and pay much attention and creativity to nude art where they show all beauty of female and male nude body and all those feelings that make us feel excited and touch our heart. These pictures are called "nude pin-up". We call them "love in paintings" and "life in love". Perhaps, there is nothing more strong then erotic fantasies in each other's minds. However, artists are open and honest and they put their erotic fantasies on their pictures.

May 2007


by hakatakko
The big news however, is SDG's I-Beam system which is quickly becoming the new standard in the bicycle industry

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