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October 2012

Apple doesn’t just do nice device experiences, their SDK and documentation are masterclass too « mimozar blog

by night.kame

The number of concepts and technologies that a developer must learn before they can write solid HTML code is astonishing.

L'HTML-LS, c'est du code sans code, de la bouillie à chat, pour faire plaisir à Hixie.

February 2011

Change Proposal for ISSUE-140 - WHATWG Wiki

by night.kame

The HTML spec has jurisdiction only because people choose to apply it to their documents. If people choose to apply some other specification instead, or in combination, the HTML spec can't stop them. If an entirely separate group completely redefines what “HTML” means and publishes that as a rival spec, what matters is not what either spec says is permissible to do with the term “HTML”, but which spec users of HTML choose to follow.

Traduction : les gens font ce qu'ils veulent, donc les standards sont inutiles, donc le WHAT WG est inutile.

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