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Redirection WordPress : Le guide ultime pour débutant de la Marmite

by keusta (via)
Comment ça marche ? Dans URL source, indiquez :*), et n’oubliez surtout pas de cocher la case Regex, sans quoi votre expression régulière ne fonctionnera pas ! Dans URL cible indiquez :$1. Comme ceci : Redirection WordPress : expression régulière On pourrait aussi l’écrire comme ça : URL source : ^/desserts/(.*) URL cible : /sucre/$1



Que voir à Barcelone ?

by axel
10 raisons d'aller à Barcelone

Wall | VK

by tadeufilippini (via)
Top-Notch English Английский язык 6 Jan at 9:00 am Actions Collins Cobuild English Grammar This new edition of the Collins COBUILD English Grammar is a modern, global and learner-focussed grammar reference, aimed at learners and teachers of English. Collins COBUILD English Grammar is based on the evidence of the 4.5-billion-word Collins Corpus, and is an invaluable guide to the English language as it is written and spoken today, in all areas of the world. It has been thoroughly updated, to take into account significant changes in grammar over recent years. With a user-friendly style and simple explanations, the Collins COBUILD English Grammar provides a comprehensive and authoritative guide to modern English grammar, using grammar terms that learners will understand. Notes on the various situations in which certain grammar points typically appear, authentic examples, and information on the key differences between British and American grammar, make the Collins COBUILD English Grammar the only fully-updated and truly global English grammar available.

Short Guide to Writing about Literature | Learning English Together

by tadeufilippini
Short Guide to Writing about Literature Part of Longman's successful Short Guide Series, A Short Guide to Writing about Literature emphasizes writing as a process and incorporates new critical approaches to writing about literature. The twelfth edition continues to offer students sound advice on how to become critical thinkers and enrich their reading response through accessible, step-by-step instruction. This highly respected text is ideal as a supplement to any course where writing about literature or literary studies is emphasized

Local Guides

by tadeufilippini
Ao compartilhar avaliações, fotos e conhecimento sobre os lugares ao seu redor, você pode ajudar milhões de pessoas.


Trottinette électrique

by Diaz06
Guide pour tout connaitre sur la trottinette électrique, un moyen de déplacement qui plait à la fois aux jeunes et à adultes.

by Diaz06
Si vous voulez tout apprendre sur les babycook, vous pouvez consulter ce blog qui vous présentera tout ce que vous devez savoir !

Hoverboard Test

by Diaz06
Si vous voulez tout savoir sur les hoverboards et pourquoi ce sont des objets de plus en plus utilisés, vous pouvez consulter ce site internet.

Le guide de la Catalogne

by axel
Guide de la catalogne et spécialement l'Alt Empurdà et BCN

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