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12 June 2006 12:45

Only In California...

by aflciopolitical
that a GOP incumbent Gov. could say something like this and not pay a price with the national Republican Party. In short, Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently said he would consider endorsing some of the Dem candidates for statewide office. Quick excerpt:

Hotline: Nussle First Outta The Gate

by aflciopolitical
Rep. Jim Nussle (R) goes up today in the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids markets with the first spot of the general election in what promises to be one of the most hotly contested GOV races in the country. Trying to frame the debate on Des Moines instead o

Ohio's Unconventional Governor's Race

by aflciopolitical
"Ohio's race for governor is a journey through the looking glass," the AP concludes. "The Democrat, Rep. Ted Strickland, is a rural, pro-gun minister, which could make him appealing to some Republicans. The Republican, Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blac

In Colorado, Holtzman Put Back on Ballot

by aflciopolitical
A judge ordered Colorado's secretary of state to put gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman (R) back on the Republican primary ballot, the Denver Post reports. Earlier this month, Holtzman was found to not have enough valid signatures to make the ballot.

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