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Post Shares Ugly Yearbook Pic With The World

by evilmonkeypaw
This family wants to sue over a bad yearbook picture. They actually fear that twenty years down the road, someone can blackmail the girl with this photo. May I point out that hardly anyone gets out of school without a bad yearbook photo? Also I am offended at their misconception of self importance - as if anyone is going to care about this kid's photo twenty years from now.

The Perfect Penis

by evilmonkeypaw
This documentary footage is of a man who spent six years injecting silicon into his penis, which he shows almost immediately. He says he is challenging ideas of "what a penis should look like" and "what a penis should be." That pretty much sums it up but I'm left puzzled about how he finds pants that fit.

Burger King: Pure Evil

by evilmonkeypaw
That new Burger King with the giant head who gets in men's beds at night, or peers in their windows really creeps me out. And he creeps this guy out too.

Little Hercules

by evilmonkeypaw
A child who lifts weights and looks like a miniature muscle man.

The Professor's Still Nutty

by evilmonkeypaw
Jerry Lewis is not as funny or as suave as he thinks he is - and he makes some poor fan feel stupid.

Meth Education in Oroville Califonia from the Meth Strike Force

by evilmonkeypaw
The horrible physical toll of using meth. This is disgusting and sad at the same time.

Awful Plastic Surgery

by evilmonkeypaw & 3 others
Celebrities who get plastic surgery and look worse afterwards.



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