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October 2004

September 2004


by oqdbpo & 1 other
FlashとJavaScriptとの連携方法、Flash MXのサンプルを公開しています。

Flash Lesson

by oqdbpo
福岡のデザインスタジオ、デザインポケットたまご。 オリジナルキャラクターが動く絵本風アニメーションやゲーム等、Flash作品の展示。 オリジナルキャラクターを待受画面にできる携帯 - Shocked Flash Resource for Tutorials, Downloads, Support, Links, and more.

by oqdbpo & 24 others is an online Flash resource that provides useful tutorials, links, downloads, and support for Flash MX, Flash 5, ActionScript, Swift 3D, Flix, Reviews, FrontPage 2002, and more!

August 2004

March 2004

hello :)

by oqdbpo
iashido - specializing in graphic design for traditional print and online media.

January 2004 - inspirational gathering

by oqdbpo & 10 others
Well Vetted is a unique list of monthly favourite websites from a wide range of top quality design inspirational sites.

October 2003


by oqdbpo
Sound of Design - Experimental Interaction with an educational focus.

Worldwide.designers.2007 - 140 International artists united for tolerance and solidarity

by oqdbpo
Worldwide.designers.2007, 140 international artists united by their differences and solidarity in a graphic design book .

[ Art Arc - The Community Of Design -]

by oqdbpo
ArtArc[アートアーク]:クリエイターのためのワンストップサイト。第一線で活躍中のクリエイター陣によるAfter EffectsやFlashの連載、アーティストのインタビュー、そして業務用で使える画

August 2003 (FWA) Est. 2000

by oqdbpo & 2 others
Best flash sites at Favourite website awards. Web Awards recognising the very best in Flash and cutting edge website design.


by oqdbpo & 7 others
Simply the coolest webdesign gallery - Find your webdesign inspiration here

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