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07 May 2005

The Story of Boris

by exiledsurfer & 1 other
The Story of Boris' is told by showing session of a war refugee with a psychiatrist. Edited sequences of the latest sesion will be uploaded every week. At the same time a dossier is created on the history, treatment and life of the patient.

23 April 2005

James Boyle: Deconstructing stupidity

by exiledsurfer & 1 other
We need to deconstruct the culture of IP stupidity, to understand it so we can change it. But this is a rich and complex stupidity, like a fine Margaux. I can only review a few flavours.

18 April 2005

Boing Boing: TSA screener: 2-book max on flights

by exiledsurfer
My pal Ross Mayfield was told by a TSA screener that effective April 14, American fliers are only allowed a maximum of two books on flights.

16 April 2005

ni9e blog: Explicit Content Only....

by exiledsurfer & 1 other
remove everything from N.W.A.'s Straight Outta Compton album except for the curse words. It's like a reverse censored version of the album I'm calling "Explicit Content Only".

07 April 2005

02 April 2005

The Rise of consumer Generated Media

by exiledsurfer
nice "industry" article on the cahanging media landscape

28 March 2005

26 March 2005

Important Changes to Your Citizenship Agreement - Please read and retain for your records. By Evan Eisenberg

by exiledsurfer
excerpt: SECTION 5 The Freedom of Speech section of the Agreement is amended to distinguish between Regular Preferred Speech and Non-Preferred Speech. The Non-Preferred Speech rate applies to all speech which is not in good standing as defined under the

24 March 2005

Jesus Christ Superstore

by exiledsurfer
get your action figures here!

Web spy student ends up suspended

by exiledsurfer
for photographing his principal breaking the law and posting it on the web

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