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Accueil / A.P.E.C.S.

by groucho
A.P.E.C.S. Association loi de 1901 dédiée aux requins et aux raies, poissons cartilagineux anciennement nommés « Sélaciens ». Fondée en 1997, elle mène des programmes scientifiques et éducatifs pour mieux connaître et faire connaître ces espèces souvent menacées, dans une optique de conservation.


Water is Life

by axel
Water is Life In many places #water is a #luxury


Amazonia Security Agenda

by verane
Amazonia’s abundant natural resources underpin water, energy, food and health security for the people and economies of the region and far beyond. At the heart of this nexus of securities is water. So abundant in the region, but now under increasing threat as industrial and agricultural pollution increases, and extreme droughts reveal a once unthinkable water vulnerability.

Planet Under Pressure

by verane
Planet Under Pressure: a new climate security agenda. Larger and richer populations are increasing the pressure on natural resources, further exacerbated by the immediate problem of a changing climate, with serious impacts on water, energy, and food security. The close interdependencies between water, energy and food are multiplying these threats in diverse countries and regions demonstrating that climate security will be an issue for all. An integrated 'nexus approach' is helping decision-makers to manage shared resources and achieve truly sustainable development.

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