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February 2006

France Telecom at eTel

by imran
Some Telco Frankness and Initiative at Last!


by imran
Lisa Koontz

January 2006

Voice 2.0

by imran
A Manifesto for the Future


by imran
The iotum™ Relevance Engine™ is the world's first smart platform to intelligently filter, rank and prioritize calls based on their relevance to you.

December 2005

A telco that really gets it?

by imran
A fascinating interview with Norman Lewis, the Director of Technology Research for France Telecom

November 2005


by imran & 8 others
Send audio messages to one or many people inside a private group

October 2005

Talking in the Dark

by imran
Wifi meshes in disaster zones

September 2005


by imran
Announcing the Emerging Telephony Conference

The Fonly Institute

by imran
Low-cost, locally-operated, sustainable telecoms systems that facilitate economic self-development in rural and underserved communities

Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, First Edition

by imran
By Jared Smith, Jim Van Meggelen, Leif Madsen

by imran & 3 others
A New Way to Serve NGOs and Remote Communities with Technology

VOIP Phones Give Villagers a Buzz

by imran
Using solar and pedal-powered VoIP phones and Wi-Fi to bring local, national and international dialing to remote areas of the world


by imran & 2 others
Open Source IP PBX Solution for Linux


by imran & 1 other
IVR Platforms / IVR Hosting / IVR Development

Tellme Networks, Inc.

by imran
Bringing personalization, XML and TCP/IP to the telephone network

O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference

by imran
January 24 - 26, 2006 - Marriot San Francisco Airport

August 2005


by imran
The Asterisk Telephony Company

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