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OpenSyncro, opensource EAI software for Java, Tomcat

by nhoizey
OpenSyncro is a lightweight, open source enterprise application integration tool written in Java language.



Magento - Blog - Announcing Magento DataFlow - A Flexible Data Exchange Engine - Open Source eCommerce Evolved

by mbertier & 1 other (via)
Magento DataFlow is a framework for creating components that are used in data exchange processes. The system consists of 4 types of components; adapters, parsers, mappers, and validators.


by rmaltete & 3 others
- provider of open source data integration software Talend is the first provider of open source data integration software. Our open, innovative and powerful data integration solutions come pre-packaged, so you can install them easily and quickly put them to work for your business. Talend's technology and business vision shatters the traditional proprietary model for data integration solutions. By delivering a full featured data integration platform leveraging Open Source, Talend makes data integration available to all types of organizations – regardless of their size, level of expertise or budgetary constraints.

SnapLogic Open Source Internet Data Services

by mbertier
SnapLogic™ is an Open Source solution that produces data services from virtually any source and easily transforms them to suit any data integration requirement. Whether it is data migration and synchronization for application integration, ETL for data analytics or JSON data services for Rich Internet Applications, SnapLogic is the foundation of a data services infrastructure layer that can meet all of your data integration requirements

DLFP: Talend Open Studio 2.0.0

by mbertier & 1 other (via)
La version 2.0.0 de Talend Open Studio est sortie le 11 avril 2007.


Talend - Open Source

by camel
alend's open source approach breaks rank with the traditional principles of the enterprise software and ETL tools markets. By publishing the code of its core and base modules under GPL license, Talend offers the developer community the possibility to improve the product and make enhancements that everyone can benefit from. Nevertheless, Talend will not solely rely on the open source community for product evolution. The company integrate its own R&D team to drive the road map and development cycles for future versions. Talend dedicates 70% of its resources to research and development. In selecting Perl as the development language and completely opening the solution, Talend is ensuring the robustness of its products and services. It is highly unlikely that any of the proprietary solution vendors would be able to make similar claims and risk becoming absorbed, merged or diluted.

Nos portails - Sujets traités par le site

by nhoizey
Le contenu du site est divisé en plusieurs sujets ayant trait au Data warehousing. Nous traitons les sujets suivants : Les systèmes ETL, la modélisation dimensionnelle, les applications analytiques et le data warehousing en général.

Tout sur le data warehousing, les systèmes ETL et la modélisation dimensionnelle

by Elryk
Site inéressant sur les architectures d'intégration de données : systèmes ETL, modélisation dimensionnelle et data warehousing.

Pentaho - Open Source Business Intelligence - Home

by nhoizey & 4 others
The Pentaho BI Project provides enterprise-class reporting, analysis, dashboard, data mining and workflow capabilities that help organizations operate more efficiently and effectively. The software offers flexible deployment options that enable use as embeddable components, customized BI application solutions, and as a complete out-of-the-box, integrated BI platform.

Orbeon presentation server

by jarendtsz
Uses XForms and AJAX together



by rmaltete
etl eai integration donnees temps reel data warehouse replication

Ascential Software

by rmaltete
Data Integration - Data Quality

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