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ECMA-262-3 in detail

by marco
While JavaScript community keeps growing up on daily basis, not every developer read or understood properly current specs, and this is why I do believe these Dmitry articles can help all of us to learn, repeat, and understand, what’s going on behind the scene.


ECMAScript 5 released

by marco (via)
ECMAScript 3.1 (now 5) was released this week

Yahoo! 360° - Douglas Crockford's The Department of Style - HTML4.2

by greut

I think the HTML5 project is misguided in the same way that ES4 was. It is trying to do too much without a clear mission that defines the problems it is solving. I think the project needs a reset. I want to refocus it with the intention of producing the smallest possible standard, rather than the largest possible standard.

I would call the replacement project HTML4.2. It would be tempting to call it HTML4.1, but the current HTML standard is HTML 4.01, so the potential for confusion is too great.

Opinionated Doug is opinionated, and I think it's a good thing.


by Xavier Lacot
The announcement of Carakan, Opera's new ECMAScript Engine, using register-based bytecode instruction set. The first benchmarks show that Carakan is about two and a half times faster at the SunSpider benchmark than the ECMAScript engine in Presto 2.2 from Opera 10 Alpha.


ECMAScript Name Soup

by marco
Here's a quick glossary

What ECMAScript "Harmony" Means for Flash Developers

by marco
And our developer community is rightly wondering what this means. In a couple of words, not much.

John Resig - ECMAScript Harmony

by marco & 2 others
Seeing an agreement between all of the largest players in the ECMAScript space (Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple, Opera, Google, Yahoo) is quite historic and will stand to serve users well

John Resig - ECMAScript Harmony

by night.kame & 2 others

Some ECMAScript 4 proposals have been deemed unsound for the Web, and are off the table for good: packages, namespaces and early binding. This conclusion is key to Harmony.

Ouf, on a réussi à se débarasser des namespaces et des packages en Javascript : c'est Resig, Hixie, Tantek et Sivonen qui doivent être heureux.


Sarissa : Javascript library for manipulating XML documents

by clochix & 5 others
Sarissa is an ECMAScript library acting as a cross-browser wrapper for native XML APIs. It offers various XML related goodies like Document instantiation, XML loading from URLs or strings, XSLT transformations, XPath queries etc and comes especially handy for people doing what is lately known as "AJAX" development.


phobos: Project Phobos

by clochix & 2 others
Project Phobos is a lightweight, scripting-friendly, web application environment running on the Java platform, aimed at addressing emerging developer requirements. Scripting and dynamic languages are growing in popularity among developers, especially for building Web applications. These developers place special value on rapid application development and deployment.

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