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16 March 2007 12:15

David Hicks

by Beju
Its been roughly 5 years and 3 months since David Hicks was captured by the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan and with charges only recently being laid for attempted murder and for providing material support for terrorism, how much longer does David Hicks have to wait before he has his day in court?

Difficulty In Apologising

by Beju
The Japanese Imperial Army, from 1932 until the end of World War II used approximately 200,000 women (some as young as 12) from North Korea, South Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia as "Comfort Women". Why is saying sorry so difficult? Is it because people don't like admitting that they are wrong?

16 March 2007 12:00

Fate Driven By Politics

by Beju
David Hicks, after being locked up in Guantanamo Bay for over 5 years, is finally having a day in a court. Not a fair court under international standards, but a military court.

Second Class Citizens

by Beju
International Women's Day was celebrated on March the 8th all around the world. However, it seems that in some countries, women have very little rights and are constantly abused, raped and treated like second class citizens. This piece talks about the womans rights advocates arrested in Iran and the lashing of a woman in Saudi Arabia

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