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daemon: Query of Queries Quirkiness

by brianwaustin (via)
CF5 introduced the ability to run a sub set of SQL commands against CF query objects in memory. But there are some quirky things to look out for. I sent this to mailing lists a while back and did a presentation at the NSW CFUG... thought I mmight put my thoughts online in case you might like a recap on the quirkiness of query of queries.

ColdFusion Yahoo Package

by wabaus
ColdFusion Yahoo Package A set of components that make it easy to work with the various Yahoo! services.

Hot Banana CMS

by wabaus
ColdFusion Web Content Management System - HotBanana

ColdFusion MX: Explanation of Request Timeout and threadWaitTimeout settings

by brianwaustin (via)
This TechNote explains what the Request timeout and threadWaitTimeout settings are and how they work. Note: Screenshots are from CFMX 6.1 Administrator but information also applies to CFMX 7.


smith project - free CF engine

by wabaus
A free ColdFusion engine. Missing some functions at this time; but can handle most standard tags and apps.

Web Biz

by dogadder
Ramblings on Web Development and Business


Community MX - Extending knowledge

by antoniomokarzel & 2 others
Flash, Fireworks, ColdFusion, Freehand and tutorials for Dreamweaver MX


by kellycheuk & 1 other
一家台中的資訊公司 用Flash搭配CF做的相本

Hal Helms

by antoniomokarzel
Welcome to the independent information resource for ColdFusion developers.


by antoniomokarzel & 2 others
Fusebox is the most popular framework for building ColdFusion and PHP web applications. "Fuseboxers" find that the framework releases them from much of the drudgery of writing applications and enables them to focus their efforts on creating great, custome

ColdFusion Technical Talk (CF-Talk) Mailing Lists

by antoniomokarzel
CF-Talk is a high volume mailing list for the ColdFusion community to discuss technical issues concerning the ColdFusion language. Postings can be made to the main site at or to the mailing list itself.

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