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Clojure libraries for MongoDB, Riak, RabbitMQ, validations, Neo4J, ElasticSearch, Memcached, Apache Cassandra, Kestrel and more

by ghis (via)
A growing collection of open source Clojure libraries. We value solid documentation, ease of use, the "batteries included" philosophy, contributor-friendly development process.


arthuredelstein/clooj - GitHub

by jpcaruana
clooj is a small, simple IDE (integrated development environment) for the clojure programming language. clooj is written entirely in clojure and uses a swing-based GUI. It is cross-platform (assuming Java 1.6 has been installed on your operating system), and runs as a standalone application or as a clojure editor embedded in another java or clojure application. The standalone version (containing the clojure core) is a single jar file that can be launched by double-clicking its file icon or by running java -jar clooj-XXX-STANDALONE.jar from the command line. To embed in java, call


The Clean Coder: Why Clojure?

by ghis (via)
Why Clojure ? And why the need of functional programming languages ? In short, to take advantage of the threaded programming that is really hard in a statefull language.

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