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March 2007

Clark Magazine #24

by octavez
Couverture du dernier Clark Magazine. TEKI LATEX exclusive réalisée par AKROE.

January 2007

May 2006

New technology being developed with faults

by orochi
Technology that inserts mistakes in an pre-recorded phone call is being developed to reduce stress in outbound research.

How to piss off telemarketers: Part Two - Act Crazy

by orochi
Part two (finally) of a (planned) ten part series describing how to piss off telemarketers.These posts are ment to show people how stupid they seem over the phone when they do these things, but its also a way to get your name removed off all current, and future databases. As for the "no call list", it doesent apply for legitimate market research.

April 2006

How to piss off telemarketers: Part One - Hanging up

by orochi
A blog explaining how to make a telemarketers job worse then it is, along with how to get your name taken out of their databases.

March 2006

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