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December 2004

How Ukrainians became citizens

by tsalon
Alexander Motyl - openDemocracy

October 2004

余若薇、吳靄儀、湯家驊、梁家傑 on Radio-45

by tsalon
Legality of Hong Kong's electoral system; public opinion on Hong Kong's democractic development; the ideals of democracy: serving public interest rather than locale interest...

September 2004 選民 Blog 、討論區

by tsalon
not really a blog, it's just a php-powered forum. Christine Loh "blogs" there everyday.

網‧政‧廿一 | epolitics

by tsalon
"人民報導‧我做得到!" the site seeks to engage voters into voting and discussion of election-related affairs. provides RSS feed

香港民主發展網絡 Hong Kong Democratic Development Network

by tsalon
pro-democracy think-tank, many academics / public intellectuals

新力量網絡 SynergyNet

by tsalon
Political think-tank chaired by Anthony Cheung of HKU. Analyzes political platforms and not candidates.


by tsalon & 2 others
網民做記者,報導912立法會選情. programs available in mp3s

Peoples' Media (Hong Kong)

by tsalon
by pro-democracy camp; multi-media laden, but uninteresting UI

August 2004

The New Republic Online: Purple Haze

by tsalon
the ecological destruction is spawning a grassroots environmental movement that might have a positive impact.

July 2004

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