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Salesforce Consulting Companies

by algoworkstechnologies (via)
Algoworks is a Salesforce Consulting and ISV Partner helping global clients grow business. With a team of 60+ Salesforce Certified Consultants, we have been providing customization, development, integration and support services on Salesforce. Rated 5/5 in over 20 customer reviews, our team has consistently topped the Most Popular Salesforce Consultant List on AppExchange.

AssoConnect - Le Logiciel des Associations Tout-en-Un

by srcmax
Un logiciel pour les associations tout-en-un pour gérer votre vie associative


ebow : logiciel CRM et GRC pour VAD et VPC

by France (via)
Découvrez ebow, logiciel de gestion commerciale idéal pour la gestion de la relation client (GRC). Outil de CRM ergonomique, il regroupe toutes les fonctionnalités nécessaires pour gérer votre activité commerciale dans son intégralité (logistique e-commerce, VAD et VPC) et intègre un module destiné à la gestion des stocks, des produits et des statistiques liées.


Director, Concierge Services chez Luxury Retreats (Région de Montréal, Canada) - Annonce | LinkedIn

by touristic
What is it like to be the Director, Concierge Services? You will be leading the guest experience for a team of 25+ concierge enthusiasts! You will be a key player in defining our guest experience. If “Wowing!” our guests is your forte and you can make magic with your team, than here is what you will need to deliver... Description Oversee and take ownership of our guest experience for the concierge service team; Lead concierge team into outstanding and high quality guest experience service; Establish a culture of high performance along with all the tools required to achieve goals; Ensure concierge’s are continuously trained and educated to deliver high end guest experience; Mentor and coach the concierge’s in all aspects of their duties; Act as a high energy motivator for the team to maintain morale and employee engagement; Conduct effective performance reviews aligned with Luxury Retreats’ business goals; Address and ensure follow-up for all guest escalating issues; Be knowledgeable and work with all corporate office functions and departments; Ensure proper management of guest profiles in CRM system; Maintain current reporting system and create new points of interest for reporting; Establish new techniques to upgrade guest experience throughout concierge services ; Participate in various projects with other services.

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