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13 September 2009 10:00

JavaZone 2009, Qi4j and the NoSQL movement

by night.kame

If you have an EventSourcing architecture, based on Qi4j, this cost should be minimal, but if you want to DIY then it might be a quite considerable. An important point that Trond makes is that this model makes it much easier to have a domain model which you can evolve without disturbing other clients, as they will NOT be integrating with the application store as such, but will instead be working with the event stream.

Le mouvement NoSQL aka je reviens 30 ans en arrière et je remets tout dans un gros bloc clef-valeur est bien mignon, mais c'est bien tant qu'on reste chez soi et qu'on fait tout tout seul. Sinon on se retrouve à multiplier les interfaces et des routines d'import-export.

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