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The Way the Future Blogs, an online memoir by science fiction writer Frederik Pohl » Blog Archive » Isaac, Part 5 in our continuing series

by night.kame

Funny story: Isaac had told me that “his” Three Laws of Robotics were actually given to him by John Campbell — Isaac had just tinkered with the wording. But when the movie people actually made a film called I, Robot, the story that was filmed had nothing to do with Isaac’s actual stories but was something written and published by another writer, and all they used of Isaac’s work was the title and the Three Laws. Neither of which had been his.

Ca tombe bien "I, Robot" n'était pas terrible comme film. En tout cas, bien en-deça de l'oeuvre d'Asimov.


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by ycc2106
Isaac Asimov: I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.


The Last Question

by jackysee (via)
經過五十年後,Asimov 最愛的短篇故事可以免費在網上看了


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