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April 2007

Different Types of Affiliate Marketing

by weblucky
Different Types of Affiliate Marketing covers all available types of affiliate marketing world.

March 2007

Affiliate Network - Firelead

by doompatrol (via)
Firelead is one of the best affiliate networks. They have the best service and some great offers- I love reading the blog as well.

What The Heck Is "Bum Marketing"?

by tropical
Have you heard about bum marketing? No, neither had I until a few days ago…….and guess what? It’s just a glorified name for one of the oldest (and, in my opinion, most effective) website promotion methods in the book! What used to be known as article marketing, that is, writing articles, and then getting them published with links back to your site.

February 2007

Your First eBay Niche Store

by mickyboy1973
An automated niche eBay Store builder which creates Search Engine frindly web sites with live listings taken from eBay and each item is tagged with your eBay affiliate link

December 2006

Foreign Language Courses on Downloadable Audio Books - New Niche Site Building Tool

by audiobookspick
Learning a foreign language can be quite tedious, and many certainly still remember the old way of getting the vocabulary into your head by boring repetition…. and it would still not really stick. Using an Audio Book to immerse yourself in a lang... (snip) build a niche site for foreign language courses that contains 100 sales pages and will, over the next few weeks be enhanced by a few more pages with articles and a link page. It took me less than a day from research to uploading these pages to the web server and going live.

October 2006

Manuka Art, Quality Art Prints: Web Promotion Affiliates

by mango.muncher
We are seeking an keen and savy web marketers to assist in promoting our website We have a 2 Tier in-house affiliate program paying 15% and 5% commissions. Our product is art prints, predominately New Zealand art prints however we also sell International art prints. Our target market is the NZ local market, NZ expats and visitors to our shores. We ship worldwide.

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