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Ciné Files

by mbertier
Bienvenue sur Ciné Files, mon humble contribution aux multiples ressources cinématographiques du Web. Vous trouverez ici des présentations de films que j'ai appréciés, de gens qui sont des références dans mes connaissances 7ème Art, et une FAQ sur cet Art et ses composantes. Développé au cours de mes quelques heures de loisir, ce site a pour vocation d'être vivant, et mis à jour régulièrement. Pour cela, vos remarques et idées sont bien sûr les bienvenues.


AccuRadio - Internet radio - 320 channels organized by genre

by garret
The best thing about AccuRadio is an abundance of channels and sub genre channels to explore. Sound quality has recently improved making Accuradio is a great way to discover new artists. Artist information displays in Accuradio's pop-up player, which also allows songs to be skipped.

Free Napster | Playlists

by garret
Playlists organized by genre, subgenre, or decade.


Music: the older the better

by realest
So 90s youtube videos collected on one page


Why Isn't NYC What Movies and Television Told Me It Would Was?

by overtimecomedy
"I want to get grabbed by thugs in an alleyway and be forced to do drugs! I want to run through the sewers while a phalanx of toxic waste chases me! I want to have a boxing match on top of a building with Jason Voorhees until he punches my head off (also,

The Rock: An Island in 90s Time

by overtimecomedy
the rock is like a collection of everything a great 90s action flick was meant to be, at its best. watch that clip, and witness just how much slow motion slaughtering and over-dramatic music there is. see the picturesque poses the dead navy seals hit. not


by mbertier (via)
"Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, this is the Warlock of FOMA. You have reached the FOMA Express!" Greets: Neurotic Nemesis, Leper Messiah, Overdrive, Cashmere. Yes, we do now about CAP-N. "Infomaster and I are the Presidents. We should know about it." "We have no codes because nobody's been leaving any. Oh wait, a Visa!" Visa number. "Oh wait, it's just been cancelled." "Shit! There's nothing that works!" One code. "Please leave codes, or this will go down and be a private anarchy line." (January 22, 1990)


Do You Remember the 70s, 80s and 90s? TV, Movie, Music and Toys Nostalgia.

by mbertier & 1 other (via)
Welcome to the ultimate online resource of nostalgia and memorabilia from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

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