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8BITPEOPLES celebrates its 50th release with 8BP050

by mixher & 4 others
Dedicated to new advances with old machines, 8BITPEOPLES celebrates its 50th release with 8BP050, a special 50-artist compilation capturing the current exciting moment of radical and explosive evolution in the chiptune scene. This document is assisted by The Tank, a non-profit art space and the definitive chiptune epicenter of both New York City and North America. It is released to coincide with the Blip Festival 2006, an international convergence of over 30 chiptune performers, organized by both parties. 8BP050 intends to document a groundbreaking scene, a continuing partnership, and the largest-scale chiptune event to date.

by mixher & 3 others
reprise 8-bit de Kraftwerk

Binärpilot - Free electronic music

by mbertier (via)
Hello, I make electronic music. You can download fragments of me on this resource node. Dance like no one is watching.

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