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25 July 2005 21:00

by qodsec & 43 others is an archive of old versions of various programs.

PowerDNS: Home

by qodsec & 1 other
Public DNS servers, primary and and secondary nameservers domain and email forwarding.

Planet PDF - Free PDF eBooks

by qodsec & 2 others
Home of all our free PDF eBooks

Be Your Own Hotspot - Popular Science

by qodsec & 1 other
Turn a backpack into a portable, solar-powered Wi-Fi hotspot, and share a high-speed connection anywhere

[H]ard|Forum - [H]ot|DEALS

by qodsec
Well, HOT DEALS you Moroon. - Looking for a deal ? We've done the detective work. Daily Deals, Coupons and Freebies

by qodsec & 1 other
Online coupons, codes, and free coupons for Dell, Amazon, Old Navy, Target, Best Buy, Overstock, Sears and many other online stores. Updated several times daily.

Google Sightseeing

by qodsec & 25 others
Why bother seeing the world for real? Join us as we go sightseeing around the globe with Google Maps' satellite photography.

Lastminute Auction - Bargain Hunter - Online Auctions

by qodsec & 5 others
We search current offers on for auctions which meet our strict simple criteria:

A Deal Site:

by qodsec
This is a forum for those who enjoy saving money while they shop on the internet using Coupons, Codes, Deals, Bargains, and Freebies.

Wardriving Tools, Wardriving Software, Wardriving Utilities (Wireless LAN Security & Wardriving - 802.11)

by qodsec & 2 others
Website dedicated to Wireless LAN Security and Wardriving. Includes lots of whitepapers, presentations, tools, and resources.

Architecture of Mac OS X

by qodsec
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