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January 2009

December 2008

A More Useful 404 |

by simon_bricolo & 3 others
quelques trucs techniques pour une bonne page 404

November 2008

A List Apart: Articles: A More Useful 404

by Spone & 3 others
Encountering 404 errors is not new. Often, developers provide custom 404 pages to make the experience a little less frustrating. However, for a custom 404 page to be truly useful, it should not only provide relevant information to the user, but should also provide immediate feedback to the developer so that, when possible, the problem can be fixed.

August 2008

Pages d’Erreur 404: merci Google!

by damdec
Via Zorgloob, Google propose maintenant d’optimiser les pages d’erreur 404 pour tous les propriétaires de sites internet, webmasters et blogueurs.

Améliorez vos pages 404 avec Google

by srcmax (via)
Google Webmaster Tools vous propose désormais un gadget à insérer sur votre page d'erreur - si toutefois vous le pouvez. Rendez-vous dans le menu à gauche, puis "Outils" et "Améliorer les pages 404". Là, vous n'avez plus qu'à copié le code JavaScript automatiquement généré

June 2008

April 2008

404 Errorpage

by julie, 2 comments
waluigi fails !

March 2008


by kasi77 & 10 others
Diagram An activity diagram to describe the resolution of HTTP response status codes, given various headers. The diagram is available in various formats:

February 2008

How 404 pages work in Google Toolbar Beta 5

by kuroyagi
"If you’re a webmaster, customized 404 pages should continue work fine. If you want to be sure that users see your 404 page, make it 512 bytes or longer."

TechCrunch Japanese アーカイブ » 新しいGoogle Toolbar、404ページをハイジャックか?

by kuroyagi
"最新の Google Toolbarのベータ版は、上のスクリーンショットのようにウェブサイトの404エラーページをハイジャックするという。"

404 File not found | 株式会社サクラクレパス

by kuroyagi

United States Patent: 7325045

by Xavier Lacot
Patente 7,325,045 : Error processing methods for providing responsive content to a user when a page load error occurs

January 2008

August 2007

404 Pros |

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
Diverses informations à propos des pages 404

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