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March 2007

Internet Explorer 7 vs. Firefox 2

by hemmo
For years, Microsoft Internet Explorer has enjoyed near dominance of the Web browser space--but not any more. Since the release last year of Mozilla Firefox 1.5, Firefox has been steadily eroding Internet Explorer's claim of superiority. According to information from, in October 2004 Internet Explorer had 92 percent of the market; in September 2005 that dropped to 86 percent; and as of September 2006 Internet Explorer's market share dropped to 82 percent, with Firefox's rising to 12.5 percent. In two years Microsoft ceded 10 percent of its audience to its competition. So how do the latest versions of each browser compare? For this prizefight, we looked at Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft's first new Internet browser since 2001, and Mozilla Firefox 2, Mozilla's update of its popular Firefox 1.5 browser released in November 2005. I've already had my two cents' in the above reviews, so I've turned over this prizefight to my colleagues at CNET who specifically cover the Web services beat.

Ireland Package Travel

by riorita
Ireland Package Travel

February 2007

Extreme Motorcycle Forums & Sportbike Stunts DVDs

by smiler51
Motorcycle Stunts DVDs from around the World at the LOWEST Prices!

PandoZapping :: Futurama - Segunda Temporada (series, películas, juegos y las mejores webs de pando)

by HistoriasDelMotor
Futurama es una serie de dibujos animados estadounidense creada por Matt Groening (creador también de Los Simpson) y David X. Cohen (guionista también de Los Simpson). Ambientada en la ciudad de «Nueva Nueva York» en el año 3000, fue presentada en la

January 2007

SOUTHOMES L'immobilier International

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December 2006

Les espaces Halo

by LuciferX & 1 other
Vous trouverez ici tout sur ce jeu mythique ! Vous découvrirez l'histoire du jeu, une galerie de wallpapers, des explications sur les stats et médailles, des astuces et bonus tels que des vidéos, des infos sur Halo 3 et Halo Wars , vos stats en flash, des teams..

Play Online Free Flash Games, games like Sonic Pacman Tetris Bomberman Street Fighter 2 Dragonball Z Mahjong and more

by webzf & 1 other
Play online flash games some are versions of very popular games like sonic or tetris. You will find very fun games and easy to play.

November 2006


by dyochris & 1 other
Moteur de recherche co-opératif

October 2006

September 2006

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