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January 2010

Internet 2009 in numbers

by marco
We have used a wide variety of sources from around the Web. A full list of source references is available at the bottom of the post for those interested.

Music Blog Zeitgeist of 2009: 50 Artists, 50 Albums, Top Songs | The Hype Machine

by garret
"Forget the magazine editors & big label marketing budgets. This is the best music from 2009 chosen by the most passionate music fans alive: music bloggers."

December 2009

It’s Nice That : Feature : 2009 Review

by oqdbpo
We’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic creatives over the last year and throughout the course of December we will be inviting a number of them to share with us an insight into their 2009.

October 2009

September 2009

August 2009

June 2009

Décès de Michael Jackson

by momo317
la cause du décès serait une overdose

Plus de 28 000 demandeurs d'emploi dans l'informatique, selon la Dares

by pac-recrutement

La Dares vient de publier les statistiques du chômage pour le mois d'avril 2009. Elle recense au total 28 100 demandeurs d'emploi dans l'informatique.

May 2009

April 2009


by ycc2106
Created to appeal to a new generation of innovative minds, the exhibition is the result of a ‘cracking idea’ – a partnership between Aardman Animations, the Science Museum and the Intellectual Property Office. Visitors will interact with all kinds of clever and quirky exhibits as they are taken on a tour of 62 West Wallaby Street, Wallace and Gromit’s famous terraced home. Exhibits include innovative and patented objects from the Museum's own collection, as well as some of Wallace and Gromit’s mind-boggling creations like the Tellyscope II, the Piella Propellor and the Blend-o-Matic. Wallace and Gromit will also be calling on visitors to use their ideas to help power a brand new invention of theirs, the Thinking Cap - top secret at the moment, with patent pending.

March 2009

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