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Booksale Jump Bag

by 4004
William Smith of Hang Fire Books in Brooklyn listed the 16 things he keeps in his jump bag when he scouts for used books.


Online Okey, 51 Oyunu, 101 Oyunu, KDVli Okey(Banko)

by bilgi1
Online Okey, 51,101 oyunu, Banko oyunu oynayabileceğiniz kaliteli bir site. Anlık 7000 oyuncusu var.

Blogging 101 - An introduction to reading and writing a weblog, by Anton Zuiker

by pvergain (via)
In the early days of the Internet, each new page was a cause for celebration. The early pioneers watched in excitement as the network grew, and they wanted to keep people informed about this growth. In 1992, Internet pioneer Tim Berners-Lee created the first What’s New page; later, another pioneer, Marc Andreesen, put up a similar page. Each had hotlinks to the new pages springing up on the Net. As the Internet grew and the World Wide Web came about, other programmers created hand-coded pages with their recommendations for surfing the Net – they “filtered” the Net. Justin Hall started his filter log in 1994. In 1998, Jorn Barger coined the term “weblog.” Soon, says weblogger and author Rebecca Blood, these “link-driven sites” were very popular, and webloggers became a community. Each weblog included a list of similar filter sites. In 1999, websites Blogger and Pitas began to offer a simpler way to create a weblog. These hosted services allowed any person to easily sign up, create a blog, and write numerous postings. All without having to know HTML. Since then, millions of weblogs have been created. The term is now pronounced web-log or we-blog, or shorted to blog. And these blogs evolved into personal diaries or journals. Many journal-blogs still do include a list of other similar sites. This is a called a blogroll. Other blog software programs and services include LiveJournal, Movable Type, TypePad, TextPattern, Radio Userland and pMachine. Some of these programs are simple to use while others are more complicated to install. These programs include many powerful publishing tools, and are often called content management systems. The systems allow any individual to be a publisher on a global scale. This new type of publishing is called microcontent, thin media or nanopublishing.



by Nessy
L'Islande vue de là-bas en trois langues, islandais (ou danois ?), breton, fançais. Parrallèle avec le 35.

Cs Blog

by vista
Happy New Year !! Taipei 101 跨年同步拍寫!


网站 Top 101

by lynnhz & 2 others (via)
又是一季101时,PC Magazine 出炉了2005年秋季的 Top 101 Web Sites ,有14个分类。 包括 消费电子与摄影,计算机技术,商业与财经,职业,Blogs,生活与乐趣,信息,搜索参考及门户,娱乐与体育,偏门与游戏,购物,旅行,新闻阅读与政治,PC及移动领域。

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