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28 June 2011 20:45

20 June 2011 20:45

Mc Gonagall online

by borsky23
The worst poet in the world

25 May 2011 17:45

Ten overlooked odd speculative fiction classics

by borsky23
"Every reader of SF comes across a title now and then that intrigues you, infuriates you, confuses you and/or enervates you. It leaves you with such a strong impression that you just have to share with others the impressions it left. It is so different from other books you have read. You recommend it, you pass along copies because you want to see if it is just you or that the book is really as interesting, you mention it constantly. Time passes and the book becomes harder to find. It is slipping out of print. How can you keep spreading the word about this fascinating book that you see as an overlooked odd speculative fiction classic? "

Avram davidson

by borsky23
"1923-1993) was author of nineteen published novels and more than two hundred short stories and essays collected in more than a dozen books, won the Hugo Award in science fiction, the Queen's Award and Edgar Award in the mystery genre, and the World Fantasy Award (three times). His writings defy genre stereotypes and are filled with wit, wonder, and the bizarre. "

R.A. Lafferty devotional page

by borsky23
"Reading a Lafferty story is a full body experience. After a few sentences your brain goes into hyperactivity, your belly is aching from laughter and you might need to reach for the aspirin jar soon, because like all good drugs his stories tend to leave you with a headache. "

28 April 2011 01:45

27 April 2011 20:00

The High Weirdness Project

by borsky23
"In Sanitus Speramus. Welcome to the High Weirdness Project, a SubGenius exercise in high weirdness. In 1994, the First Online Church of "Bob" was founded, based upon the principles of the sacred tome High Weirdness by Mail (Rev. Ivan Stang, 1988). In the years since its foundation, the Church has promoted and encouraged the use of information warfare to expose the inner workings of the Conspiracy. The Web site for the Church was founded in 1995. On the tenth anniversary of its foundation, in 2005, the First Online Church of "Bob" announced the commencement of The High Weirdness Project: an open-source wiki that invites YOU to take part in the ongoing war against the forces of the Conspiracy. Praise "Bob!" "

11 April 2011 20:00

28 March 2011 20:15

Shavertron archives

by borsky23
All about Richard Shaver. In English.


by borsky23
All about Richad Shaver. In French.

25 March 2011 20:15

04 October 2010 17:30

Ramble House

by borsky23
Harry Stephen Keeler & other loons

26 September 2010 16:00

Joshuah books

by borsky23
"We invite writers from all over the world to contact us through our web site with queries about any aspect of book publishing and production. We offer an excellent service to our authors and all those who choose to buy our books. That is our commitment to you. "

24 September 2010 19:45

Adventures Unlimited

by borsky23
A treasure trove of the most bizarre books and kooks

04 August 2010 19:30

06 July 2009 19:00

Educate yourself

by borsky23 & 1 other
Brain stimulators, health machines, orgone generators, weird gizmos "The purpose of this web site is help people become self sufficient and self dependent in all matters of health care. The Western World's over-reliance and dependence on orthodox allopathic medicine (conventional physicians who prescribe drugs), pharmaceuticals, and the Standard Western Diet have brought us to a deplorable state of national health." "At this web site, we'll explore both the questions and answers to modern ailments and how you can learn to take care of yourself. Everyone can learn to take control of their own health destiny and put an end to the worry and other desperate emotions engendered by reliance on the so-called ‘health care' system."

09 February 2009 23:30

Zero Point

by borsky23
"Institute for Mystical and Spiritual Science " "The Zero Point hypothesis is that living beings have zero point centres rooted into the grounds of being and that these are associated with the higher dimensional physics and metaphysics of the human heart. Such ideas are found within The Secret Doctrine of H. P. Blavatsky, mystic scholar and founder of Theosophy, within esoteric Judaism and Kabbalah, mystical and Gnostic Christianity, Islam and Sufism,"

17 August 2007 20:15

by borsky23
Free E-books from some of the world's greatest kooks. To read online or to download. Fous littéraires.