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crank dot net

by borsky23
"Crank Dot Net is devoted to presenting Web sites by and about cranks, crankism, crankishness, and crankosity. All cranks, all the time. Every day at midnight, a new Crank o' the Day is chosen! "

Spectacles - Harry Stephen Keeler Homepage

by borsky23
"HARRY STEPHEN KEELER (1890-1967) is one of the strangest writers who ever lived. In his time, he was pegged as a mystery novelist who also wrote some science fiction. Today, if you've heard of him at all, it's as the Ed Wood of mystery novelists, a writer reputed to be so bad he's good. Actually, no genre, nor "camp," can much suggest what Keeler is all about. Take some typical Keeler situations: A man is found strangled to death in the middle of a lawn, yet there are no footprints other than his own. Police suspect the "Flying Strangler-Baby," a killer midget who disguises himself as a baby and stalks victims by helicopter. (X. Jones of Scotland Yard, 1936) Someone killed an antique dealer just so he could steal the face -- only the face -- from a surrealist painting of "The Man from Saturn." (The Face of the Man from Saturn, 1933) A woman's body disappears while taking a steam bath. Only her head and toes, sticking out of the steam cabinet, remain. (The Case of the Transparent Nude, 1958) Because of a clause in a will, a character has to wear a pair of hideous blue glasses constantly for a whole year. This is so that he will eventually see a secret message that is visible only with the glasses. (The Spectacles of Mr. Cagliostro, 1929)"

Harry Stephen Keeler

by borsky23
"Never heard of Harry Stephen Keeler? Don't feel alone. He's America's most forgotten author, victim of a plot by publishers to weed out all writers who don't write swift, easy-to-read, dumbed-down prose for the masses. Harry wrote because he enjoyed it and early on developed a style all his own. He devised incredibly convoluted plots involving ethnic characters (who speak in outrageous dialect), pop culture of the 30s and 40s, and his favorite MacGuffin: skulls. Modern-day writers have their DNA evidence; Harry preferred skulls. Once you read a Keeler, you're never quite the same, and now -- thanks to Ramble House -- you can read all you want. And more! Ramble House Keelers are handprinted, A6-sized paperbacks (4.125" x 5.75") with dust jackets by Gavin L. O'Keefe and cost $22.00. Not all titles are available in the RH editions. But all of the titles are available in a professional 6" x9" trade paperback edition with beautiful picture covers by Gavin O'Keefe and an easy-to-read, large type. Most trade paperbacks are $18.00. A few of the more gargantuan Keelers are more."

Garrett Scott bookseller

by borsky23
"Welcome to Garrett Scott, Bookseller, a specialist since 1998 in rare works of obscure Americana, literature and religious thought of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. You can also come see my inventory in my commercial warehouse space at 1924 Packard Street (Rear) in Ann Arbor, adjacent to Morgan and York Fine Wines and Specialty Foods. My stock is available for viewing by chance or appointment, under central Washtenaw county's most semi-pleasant conditions for the casual browser of uncommon 19th and early 20th century books, pamphlets and ephemera."

Ten overlooked odd speculative fiction classics

by borsky23
"Every reader of SF comes across a title now and then that intrigues you, infuriates you, confuses you and/or enervates you. It leaves you with such a strong impression that you just have to share with others the impressions it left. It is so different from other books you have read. You recommend it, you pass along copies because you want to see if it is just you or that the book is really as interesting, you mention it constantly. Time passes and the book becomes harder to find. It is slipping out of print. How can you keep spreading the word about this fascinating book that you see as an overlooked odd speculative fiction classic? "

Avram davidson

by borsky23
"1923-1993) was author of nineteen published novels and more than two hundred short stories and essays collected in more than a dozen books, won the Hugo Award in science fiction, the Queen's Award and Edgar Award in the mystery genre, and the World Fantasy Award (three times). His writings defy genre stereotypes and are filled with wit, wonder, and the bizarre. "

R.A. Lafferty devotional page

by borsky23
"Reading a Lafferty story is a full body experience. After a few sentences your brain goes into hyperactivity, your belly is aching from laughter and you might need to reach for the aspirin jar soon, because like all good drugs his stories tend to leave you with a headache. "


Société Perillos

by borsky23
In French. Extremely bizarre claims linking the Collège de 'Pataphysique to the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau. As such, of a very pataphysical nature. Some books are translated in English and published by

Adventures Unlimited

by borsky23
A treasure trove of the most bizarre books and kooks


by borsky23
"ReThroning Creation's Great BLAK MAMMA & the Blak Woman The Mother of HuHuManity and Original Most Powerful Being On Earth By Su-Zar" "Don't ghet mad at me when I show (= expose to) you that "Jesus Christ" ghot ALL BAPhomet's top traits. Ghet bafoMAD at the Perpetrator/s of these Great Deceptions. It's about time, way long overdue, for the God aDam Lies to be ex-PISO-ed. The real Christ (Egyptian "KRST") was stolen a lonng time ago, and a FRAUD put in his place." waugh. Fruitcake anyone?


Dreams and free energy machines

by borsky23
"At the core of Wessel di Wesseli's teachings and beliefs stands the rule of preservation of energy, which he knows to be inconclusive. He believes that 1+1 can be 3 or more. Because we, humans, aren't just numbers you add up, we are more than a simple or even dead equation. On this page you will find concepts based on this principle and artistic machines or mechanical art if you will. You will see references to the perpetuum mobile machines." "Often described as a crazy loner Mr. di Wesseli has been relentlessly searching for answers in the field of the perpetuum mobile for more than 45 years, with many eureka moments along the way aswell as failures. "

Il Giornale Nuovo

by borsky23 & 5 others
My all-time favourite site/protoblog, closed in 2007. Still the archives are online. Two main parts: Isaac D’Israeli’s Curiosities of Literature - a very large work brought here online; and more especially, a gigantic database of strange (mostly fairly ancient) art and engravings. Mr. h. used to give away some of his books through this site. This is the top in what me might call scientific study of visionary art with lots of images and lots of external links.


Lionel Fanthorpe

by borsky23
To meet his grueling deadlines, Fanthorpe employed an unusual technique. He dictated his masterworks into a reel to reel tape recorder, oftentimes under the cover of a blanket to enhance his concentration. He would then ship those tapes off to a pool of typists for transcription. This created many unique problems. People who die in one chapter reappear a chapter or two later because it was forgotten that they were dead. Odd phrases turn up in the middle of paragraphs due to a misunderstanding by the transcriptionist.

Odd Books

by borsky23 & 1 other
A Cupboard of Curiosities Dedicated to that constant source of delight and wonder, the second-hand bookshop.


by borsky23 & 2 others (via)
"Une bibliothèque hétéroclite. MISCELLANÉES n. m. pl., (miscellanea : choses mêlées, miscere : mêler) Recueil de différents ouvrages de science, de littérature, qui n'ont quelquefois aucun rapport entre eux. Cet auteur a donné d'excellents miscellanées. On dit plus ordinairement, Mélanges. On dit aussi quelquefois, Miscellanea." Excellent site with some very strange texts. In French.

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