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06 July 2009 19:00

Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence

by borsky23
(SENS)- A practical way to cure human aging - Website of Dr. Aubrey de Grey "SENS Foundation was founded to develop, promote and ensure widespread access to regenerative medicine solutions to the disabilities and diseases of aging. We shall be focusing on the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) identified by our Chief Science Officer, Dr Aubrey de Grey, and combining direct research efforts with education, affiliation and outreach programs." "A key aspect of SENS is its potential to extend healthy lifespan without limit, even with repair processes which remain imperfect, as the repair only needs to approach perfection rapidly enough to keep the overall level of damage below pathogenic levels. Aubrey has termed this required rate of improvement of repair therapies, "longevity escape velocity"."

Educate yourself

by borsky23 & 1 other
Brain stimulators, health machines, orgone generators, weird gizmos "The purpose of this web site is help people become self sufficient and self dependent in all matters of health care. The Western World's over-reliance and dependence on orthodox allopathic medicine (conventional physicians who prescribe drugs), pharmaceuticals, and the Standard Western Diet have brought us to a deplorable state of national health." "At this web site, we'll explore both the questions and answers to modern ailments and how you can learn to take care of yourself. Everyone can learn to take control of their own health destiny and put an end to the worry and other desperate emotions engendered by reliance on the so-called ‘health care' system."

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