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Darren Hoyt Dot Com » Blog

by springnet & 1 other
Premium Themes Should Advance the Wordpress Community

How magazine - Events

by springnet
I just booked my flight to Austin and registered for the South by Southwest Interactive Conference this March. I had an amazing time last year and this year is shaping up to be just as interesting. Confirmed sessions in the design track

Wired LivingHome

by springnet
Wired Living Home made from cargo containers $4 milliion is not exactly our budget though... exclusive LA enclave


5 Steps to CSS Heaven

by talou & 4 others (via)
Writing CSS is very much like having sex. Not everyone does it the same way and there is no particular “right” way to do it. I guess for me the similarities actually end there, seeing as writing CSS is something I do every day whereas having sex is…anyway I digress.

Web users judge sites in the blink of an eye - Nature

by arnet & 3 others
Potential readers can make snap decisions in just 50 milliseconds.


GUI / Graphical User Interface

by talou & 4 others (via)
Bricolage :o) C'est inutile, mais l'idée est excellente


by nesta
Glassware: Anchor Hocking, Fire king, Glasbake ...etc.

This is Pop!: There have been many Batman logos over the years...

by nesta

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