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April 2008

About JD Lasica

by springnet
J.D. Lasica is one of the world's leading authorities on social media and the revolution in user-created media. A writer, strategist, blogger and consultant, he is the co-founder and editorial director of, president of the Social Media Group

March 2008

Tom Conrad

by springnet
And then the blogosphere picked it up. The first accounts I read sounded like “HUGE BLOWUP AT GNOMEDEX!!!” Strange, I thought — my experience of the event was quite different: it was a non-event for me.

January 2008

The Zeitgeist » About

by springnet
David HM Spector is an innovator, developer, writer, consultant and entrepreneur specializing in high-performance computing, social network applications and interface agents. His consulting company is Zeitgeist Information Systems, canonically known as - Top 10 hottest women in tech

by springnet
While there are certainly a number of drop-dead gorgeous ladies within the world of tech media to choose from, we’ve narrowed the list down to 10.

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