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06 March 2008

Daily Idea

by springnet
There are many schools of thought when it comes to getting rich. And our cracked staff of researchers at The Daily Idea flunked out of four of them. But they’re still qualified to survey the landscape of trust fund babies, over-paid celebs and lotto win

05 March 2008

Voodoo Ventures - Idea Fuel Blog

by springnet
’ve got 99 friends on Facebook but I hear from Jason Calacanis more than anyone. He has turned Facebook into a marketing platform for his human-powered search engine, Mahalo. And he doesn’t pay Facebook a dime for this primo branding opportunity.

10 February 2008

Behance :: Overall Concept

by springnet
The Behance team studies exceptionally productive people and teams working in the creative fields. We document the methods and resources that productive creative professionals use to push their ideas forward. By invitation only.

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