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October 2010

September 2010


by blackgoldfish
When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. Ralph Waldo Emerson


by blackgoldfish

well, hello there 33!

by blackgoldfish
1. Embrace the craziness. 2. Laugh at myself more. 3. Be easier on myself. 10. Make lots of mistakes and learn from them.

August 2010


by blackgoldfish
『In the end, it’s these small things that you remember. It’s these little imperfections that make them perfect for you.』

凝住家人快樂時光 by 張文光

by blackgoldfish

it's the simple things

by blackgoldfish
a cup of tea, a beautiful sunset, neighbors waving us over to pick vegetables from their garden, little hands helping with dinner, simple desserts, surprise flowers from doug, enjoying a beautiful book... little moments i'm thankful for.

July 2010


by blackgoldfish
果度有一兩條村, 我覺得個環境都幾靚


by blackgoldfish


by blackgoldfish

summer goals

by blackgoldfish
here are some of my summer goals: 1. bake two loaves of whole grain banana bread: one to give away and one for me. 2. plan our wedding ceremony. 3. send snail mail. 4. clean out my closet. 5. practice yoga daily. 6. learn yoga anatomy and finish this book. 7. read my borrowed book about new zealand wines. 8. make a breakfast smoothie every day. 9. explore new parts of boston and take pictures. 10. watch this movie. 11. blog from simon's coffee shop (yes, there is a cafe called that!) 12. make mixed cd's for our long drives around new zealand. now tell me, what are your summer goals? are you working on any craft projects or do you have new recipes you want to try? :)

April 2010

March 2010


by blackgoldfish
我在世界的盡頭,靜靜的安頓下來了,誰也看不見我的影子,我這樣覺得。 我希望能不想多餘的事情,能盡興的享受每一天,只是,單純的享受這裡的生活。 --村上春樹


by blackgoldfish
If you’re feeling blue, try painting yourself a different color.”