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November 2009

abc card

by blackgoldfish
We have a birthday tradition in our family we’ve been doing since we were kids. We go around the dinner table and each person takes a letter of the alphabet, and we say something nice about the birthday girl/boy. A is for Artistic! B is for the Beautiful! We go around and around the table until we get to Z

and it's all blessings.

by blackgoldfish
for permission to have heady days and overwhelm while still being aware and in the center of the best life imaginable.

ceramic quote tag - some books

by blackgoldfish
some books leave us free and some books make us free - emerson


by blackgoldfish


by blackgoldfish
先介紹做這道菜需要哪些材料: 市售雞翅(二節翅)一盒(約十到十二隻) 日本種蘿蔔半根 醬油50ml 味淋60ml 烹大師鰹魚口味約5ml (一茶匙左右,可視雞翅的量而定) 青蔥兩枝切段

right now i'm...

by blackgoldfish
Hearing: Norah Jones, The Nearness of You, and the tappity tap of small-scale furniture being re-positioned in it's wooden doll house Smelling: rosemary bread in the oven Touching: chopping freshly rinsed basil for pesto penne alfredo Seeing: a yellow no. two pencil with a fat nub eraser scratching out spelling words on double-ruled paper Tasting: iced ceylon tea


by blackgoldfish
Today, my baby, you turn four. When did this happen? Was it not just yesterday that I had to put you inside my coat to keep you warm? Now look at you! Almost as tall as your sister with just as much spunk. Happy Birthday my punkin. What four is looking like so far: You pronounce your Rs as if you lived in Boston your whole life- A feather is a featheh. You sing from dawn to dusk- singsong monologues of your life. You eat a peanut butter sandwich every single day. You wake up hungry and must immediately eat a granola bar or your world collapses. You love coffee Your favorite color is blue You swing so high that I have to hold in my own concern because I see how much you need to do it. When you get mad, I suggest people step away, as you get a bit ferocious. You will brush my hair four an hour straight, and therefore I'll not ever cut it. You like to get your back lightly scratched, just like Mama. Happy Birthday, my sweet girl. Every day with you is a treasure and a surprise. I love you.

real life tweet #4

by blackgoldfish & 1 other
we can learn a lot from his films. a quick list: 1. life and people are impermanent. 2. slow down. 3. look people in the eye. 4. drink tea. 5. be kind. 6. simple things hold the secret.

tuesday intentions

by blackgoldfish
what are your intentions for the day? here are mine: * today i will get 45 minutes of exercise. * today i will clean our condo in preparation for our lovely house guest arriving on thursday. * today i will have a relaxing and fun trip to the hair salon, which will result in a gorgeous new hairdo (hee hee) * today i will not gossip, complain, or make excuses. * today i will drink oodles of water. * today i will remind simon that i think he's really hunky. like, the hunkiest. now it's your turn!

what's on the menu today

by blackgoldfish
what are you doing today? here's my plan...

October 2009

one step at a time

by blackgoldfish
artist and professor horst glasker painted these 112 steps in wuppertal, germany to convey a different emotion or behavior associated with relationships. some examples are "to forgive", "to cuddle", "to offer resistance", and "to seduce."

old sayings

by blackgoldfish
Don't panic. Wherever you go, go with all your heart. The smallest deed is better than the biggest intention. Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without. The only reason you die is because you live. Take the chance while you still have the choice. The only thing you truly own is your time. Be brave enough to live creatively. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools. Keep true to the dreams of your youth. The beginning of wisdom is to desire it. Always begin with an end in mind. The eyes believe themselves; the ears believe other people. Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Pick a path with heart. Take a chance in the near future. Change your luck today. Rest is a good thing, but boredom is its brother. Let the spirit of adventure set the tone. Dare to dream, hope, believe, seek, feel, find, and love. Be mischievous and you will not be lonesome. Originality overcomes everything. Good luck is the result of good planning.

page 100

by blackgoldfish
"learn to write about the ordinary. give homage to old coffee cups, sparrows, city buses, thin ham sandwiches. make a list of everything ordinary you can think of. keep adding to it. promise yourself, before you leave the earth, to mention everything on your list at least once in a poem, short story, newspaper article."

inspiration method

by blackgoldfish
“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” -Vincent van Gogh

love thursday: everyday joy »

by blackgoldfish
Joy and gratitude are inextricably intertwined -- true joy is impossible without gratitude.


by blackgoldfish
ua cafe: 這是在United Arrows的旁邊的咖啡廳,處在一條巷子,包下整條巷子的空間。 有別於一般使用厚片做成的法國吐司,這間店用的是外脆內軟的法國麵包。這蛋汁除了蛋之外,應該有牛奶、白奶油、糖和香草精。

September 2009

love thursday: 24 simple ways to show love in the next 24 hours

by blackgoldfish
1. Buy coffee for the guy standing behind you at the coffee shop. 2. Open the door for someone before entering yourself. It doesn't matter if you're a girl and he's a boy, or you're a boy and she's a girl, or you're both boys, or you're both girls. You can do it. 3. Send a quick email to someone you haven't heard from in a while. It can just say, "Hey, I was thinking about you. I hope you're well." Trust me, it will make her day. 4. Send a small, handwritten note -- via regular mail! -- to someone far away. It can just say, "Hey, I was thinking about you. I hope you're well." Trust me, it will make his day. 5. Give someone flowers, just because. They don't have to be expensive. The blossom above was part of a grocery-store bouquet that cost $3.99. The recipient really isn't going to care that it wasn't expensive. I promise. 6. Invite someone to your home. Have something baking in the oven for them when they arrive. 7. Light a candle and think of someone who is going through a rough time. Silently offer them good thoughts/prayers. 8. Pick a charity. Give something. 9. Buy a magazine subscription for a friend out of the blue. 10. Give blood. 11. Prepare someone's tea. In my opinion, it's a wonderful act of love to not just put the hot water and a teabag in front of a friend, but actually prepare and steep the tea for them. 12. Tell a child -- or someone who is struggling with self-esteem -- how great you think they are. And mean it. 13. The next person who serves you a meal at a restaurant, or helps you in a store, or sells you your morning newspaper, look him in the eyes, smile, and say "thank you" with as much sincerity as you can muster. 14. Give someone a heartfelt hug. Just because. 15. Start a hopeful revolution: leave a hope note somewhere. Extra points if you leave it on the windshield of a stranger's car. 16. Offer to cook a meal for someone. 17. Offer to give someone a break -- babysit, hire a maid service for them, or even straighten her house yourself. 18. Clean out your closet. Give the gently-used clothing you no longer want to a shelter. 19. Take a photograph of something beautiful. Send it to someone, with the note: "This reminded me of you." 20. Give someone something of yours -- a book, perhaps, or a small trinket -- with no expectation of return. 21. Blow out a candle. Make a wish on someone else's behalf as you do it. 22. Make a short list of the things you love about someone you love. Leave the list where they can find it. 23. Make a date to have coffee or a glass of wine with an old friend. 24. Say "I love you." Mean it.

my secret to happy relationship - jessicas

by blackgoldfish
According to my grandmother: "Have your own life. Pursue your dreams and let your husband do the same. Being content with yourself makes you a better wife." According to my grandfather: "Any disagreement can be settled with two words: 'Yes, dear.' "

my secret to happy relationship - jordan

by blackgoldfish
We have a thing called "surprise treats." They can be flowers, love notes, our favorite candy, a cool picture, a drawing or a book. It's not usually expensive--just a thoughtful, fun surprise. We wrap them up and hide them, and then call each other and say there's a surprise treat waiting.

my secret to happy relationship - michael

by blackgoldfish
The idea is that if there are enough, and they're well hidden, you'll discover new ones (in your pockets, in the luggage) daily throughout your whole trip. It makes being apart a bit more bearable!

my secret to happy relationship - alyson

by blackgoldfish
What makes my relationship with DLB, my partner-in-crime and soon-to-be husband, so special is our friendship. Whether we're singing songs together on a road trip, reading books on a blanket in the park or tasting the newest beer at the local brew pub, it's important to be able to have fun together....Or you could win his heart by baking a peach pie. That one always works. -- Alyson, Unruly Things

by blackgoldfish
Fight hard, laugh harder. This is what works for us. Mr. French and I are ridiculously passionate (emotional) people. If we keep things inside, our relationship suffers. We argue and fight, but always in a respectful way. More importantly, we laugh. I married Mr. French because he was the first man I ever met that made me laugh until I cried...and he still does. -- Traci French, Bliss