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31 July 2005

Skype Journal: Buddycasting - Next Big Thing in IM?

by cnkenlee
We have Podcasting, Skypecasting and perhaps this community variant is buddycasting. While you can't have it today this mock-up from Uri Levanon displays the kind of thinking required to take the IM client to the next level. It also enables behavior simil

MacBlog » Buddycasting (then XXXcasting?)

by cnkenlee
現在是 Podcasting 很熱門,也有 Skypecasting (用 Skype 來 Podcasting)

27 July 2005

BusyBodies Stick Figure T-shirts and Gifts :

by cnkenlee
creates and sells original stick figure designs on quality apparel and gift items through the Internet. We strive to deliver fun, creative products that celebrate people's diverse interests, occupations, sports, and personalities.

23 July 2005


by cnkenlee
DFILM launched the MovieMaker, which let users create a short animated cartoon on a website and email it to their friends. MovieMaker was extremely viral - each person who received a movie would in turn create and send movies to 4 or 5 additional friends

20 July 2005

by cnkenlee & 4 others
We offer high quality customizable products that ship within 24 hours of your order.

16 July 2005

Judy's Book

by cnkenlee & 2 others
Judy's Book is Your Friends' Yellow PagesTM — making it easy to swap local tips with people you trust.

10 July 2005


by cnkenlee

06 July 2005

05 July 2005

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